Whatsapp API to send messages

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Is it possible to automate whatsapp using its API to send messages
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Vybhavi S

HI @Shree_Vybhavi

I know a guy @Jan_Brian_Despi who was interested in this same thing and was doing some research on it… I think he will be able to answer you much better than me…

@Jan_Brian_Despi - Little help here please :slight_smile:

Hi @Lahiru.Fernando

Thanks for the quick response…

I recently saw a video in Linkedin in which user was able to connect UiPath to andriod phone to send whatsapp message, any idea how it could be done.

Following is the link,


Yeah… I just went through the post… He has used Android Debug Bridge (ADB) for this…

Basically, I think he has written some code in ADB and must have linked it with UiPath workflows through parameters… It’s really interesting to see that…

So as far as I understood, ADB can be used to interact with the android device itself, not only WhatsApp. :slight_smile:


@Lahiru.Fernando thank you so much for your clarification

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I tried searching hoe to connect ADB scripts t UiPath but couldn’t get any result.
@Lahiru.Fernando can you please suggest how it is done

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Hello @Shree_Vybhavi,

its possible i have already developed.

but you need all the contacts in one excel and your whats app connected with whatsapp web until all messages sents.

Hi @Shriharsha_H_N

I’ve tried it through whatsapp web and now wanted to explore other ways of sending whtsapp messages


@Shree_Vybhavi, there is no other option to connect mobile whatsapp into system you need use whatsapp web only.

Shriharsha Hunsur

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