UiPath WhatsApp API Integration

Hello Everyone,

Looking for a solution through which I can send WhatsApp attachments, messages, share location and access other WhatsApp features using API (Without using the click/recording UiPath activities.

Please help in finding the solution.
Thanking you in advance.

@ppr Please Help me finding the solution.

hi @mayank.s,

you can try exploring the WhatsApp activity found on the UiPath Marketplace: WhatsApp Activity - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

hope this helps

Hey @mayank.s - you can also explore the Integration Service with our brand new Connector Builder capabilities that allow you to connect to any API. We are currently in Public Preview and this functionality is available when using Automation Cloud.

Note: we are exploring an official WhatsApp connector as part of Integration Service in the near future (exact date TBD).

CC: @GuyVW