Read Whatsapp messages using UIPath

Hi All,

As we know Whatsapp is a close chat application. But I need to read its messages and use those for decision making steps using automation.

Please let me know if there is any way to do it.

Thanks in Advance.

Use OCR activities and try to Automate…

Try requesting Whatapp for developer Api, using this developer api and UiPath http activity you can read and send message without using web automation techniques.

> WhatsApp Web Api

The second solution i would recommend you is data scrapping method.

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Hi Raguvrthan,

Did whatsapp give you a token id and approval for use these APIs? I tried, but the reply is that it is still a closed community.

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I haven’t understood your question please clarify it. Forget about this Try fresh WhatsApp dare messages for your loved ones.

Hi, Is anyone completed the automation on reading the Whatsapp messages. Please share the details.

Yes we have done. We have developed a software which can read incoming whats app message. and can perform any task based on that. Also can reply to incoming message very well. Interested people can contact us on

soon we will also upload it on uipath go publicly.
@S.K @Pupina @rkelchuri

Are you open to use some sort of third party tools, then we got a software that deliberately made for such a purposes. Get in touch now.

Trying to read incoming whatsapp message from UIPath. Can this be achieved using data scrapping? If so, Please help me with steps to process further.


Hello friends,
Please find interesting post on WhatsApp automation using UiPath.

Any Update?

contact on

we have a working uipath component for this

Can you please help me with that component

Surely… contact on given email