WhatsApp Automation with ChatBot

Current setup:

  • 1 Windows VM with UiPath installed
  • 1 mobile phone with Whatsapp installed
  • 1 user within the Windows VM has a browser with Whatsapp-web open on it

The goal:
We receive messages on our Whatsapp number and we want to be able to answer to each message automatically.

The idea:
We could have UiPath repeating the workflow:

  • crawling for new messages
  • pass the incoming-messages to the chatbot
  • receive the reply-messages from the chatbot
  • respond to Whatsapp messages

There is another developer coding the chatbot in Python.
How UiPath and the chatbot will communicate is TBD.

I would like to know:

  • is this feasible?
  • if you have a better or alternative solution, I am happy to hear it

Thank you and best regards,

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Hey @Hurmet_Noka

This is not a better way to do the automation for this scenario.

You will need to use connectors or APIs to connect between whatsapp and UiPath.

Or if you are using any third part integration service for chat bot. You need to check for that particular connectors or APIs.


Thank you for your email.

I dont know how to use connectors…