Whats the issue here?

Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression “TransactionItem”.
Value of type ‘System.Data.DataRow’ cannot be converted to ‘UiPath.Core.QueueItem’.


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Please check on the variable type of Transaction Item in the workflow.


I can’t see attached image here.

As error says, You have to declare TransactionItem is of type ‘System.Data.DataRow’ but not ‘UiPath.Core.QueueItem’. Please change the type and then try it.

I have it as System.Data.DataRow but still get the error.


Could you please add the error screenshot again.

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No buddy @Rahim_Pradhan

the issue is not with TransactionItem
it is with which argument or variable that is assigned to
that variable or argument must be of type system.data.datarow…
Cheers @Rahim_Pradhan

were you able to identify that buddy @Rahim_Pradhan

I started my project over and the error is gone. Thanks everyone.

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Cheers @Rahim_Pradhan

@Palaniyappan I am saving my credentials in an asset in orchestrator and pointing to my config file to retrieve but getting an error. How can I resolve?

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Image not loading buddy @Rahim_Pradhan


Don’t pass it under default values. Go to properties of that Invoke WorkFlow Activity and click on Arguments section and pass values there. And also here, you did not declare in_Config variable. That’s why you are getting that error.

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Buddy you were almost done
The issue is the place where you have passed this value…
This in config value must be mention in the import arguments and arguments property in the invoke method…
And make sure that you have values in config file as well…
Only then the value will be passed from tye config file to this argument
Cheers @Rahim_Pradhan

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Were you able to get now buddy… @Rahim_Pradhan

No, I’m a bit lost. I do have values in my config file but unsure of how pass them. Can you share where I go in the invoke method to pass the values?

My goal here is for the System1_Login sequence to pull the credentials and the URL from the config file.

How to resolve?

So when I move the system1login.xaml under the Framework folder it works fine but in a separate folder I get an error. Why? Can anyone help?

yah of course you must all the xaml files in the project folder itself (here you have Framework folder) while trying to run with orchestrator or even from studio
the reason is the REFrameworkd is all about that only, its complete project in a packed form…with many xaml’s, different xaml for different process which are been called in each stages in Main.xaml workflow…and in REFramework if you check with invoke workflow activity it would be mentioned as "Framework\System1Login.xaml"
so the folder path starts relative from the Framework folder in your project…so thats why it was working…buddy
Cheers @Rahim_Pradhan

Ok so per the PDF, I created a folder called System1 and created System1_Login.XAML and when I invoke the GetAppCredentials WF, I have the path as “Framework\GetAppCredentials.xaml” so what am I missing?