Value of type 'System.Data.DataRow' cannot be converted to 'UiPath.Core.QueueItem'

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If you’re trying to use a datarow instead of a queue item for your transactions, you have to go through the workflows and make them compatible for datarows. If you actually want to use a queue item, change the datatype of the TransactionItem to a QueueItem type. The latter will take longer, and will require a deep dive into the workflows.

Thank your Anthony. But do not know where to change it actually.
May I know how to send my program screen shot , so that knows where exactly and what error its throwing out.
Thank u

The error occurs in many places throughout the code. My recommendation is to drill down to each error until you get to the lowest level where the error occurs and determine how you would prefer handling it.

I can help with the primary error that occurs in GetTransactionItem, however. Instead of using the Get Transaction Item activity, use the TransactionNumber variable to get the next row item in your datatable TransactionData.

To do this, replace the Get Transaction Item activity with an assign statement where you assign TransactionItem (the one that’s a DataRow type), to TransactionData.Rows(TransactionNumber - 1).

You will still get errors in other places, but how you handle those errors is up to you. A lot of it relates to how queue items are handled on the back end. You can either attempt to simulate the behavior with something similar, or just omit the additional steps the process takes.

Thank u Anthony. (1017.0 KB)

Hi Anthony,
Uploaded my process. Changed transaction varaibles to System.Data.Datarow.
But still errors.

Thank u.