What's content placeholder exactly

This is my first time doing a PowerPoint automation, and I don’t understand what should be provided as parametre “content placeholder” exactly, for add image, add text … activities.

Thank you.

Hello, @Loha

I’ve never used PowerPoint for automations, but a placeholder there is something like a textbox or an image/video in your specific case.
I would suggest using the “Selection Pane” feature, there you can find the placeholders available/created. If I’m not mistaken, what is being asked is for you to name an available placeholder that will be replaced by the media you want to add.

Happy automation :robot:

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Thank you hugo :wink:
But the selection pane feature is not available here

maybe following helps

Content placeholder - Click Plus plus button|autoxauto on the right side of the field, then select the presentation file, the slide, and then select the name of the placeholder where to insert the media.
Alternatively, use one of the other options in the menu to indicate the placeholder name:

  • Data from the Project Notebook, a parent Excel file or Outlook account. For example, select a cell in an Excel file to use the value in that cell.
  • Ask when run - Prompt for the name when the project is executed.
  • Paste from clipboard - Paste a value that you previously copied to the clipboard in the project.
  • Text - Enter the name in the Text Builder.
  • Use Saved Value - Select a value that you previously saved for later use in the project.
  • Open in Advanced Editor - Enter a VB expression.

taken from UiPath Docu

About placeholders:

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It seems you try to use the activity in Studio (not StudioX, so we cannot use + button).
This activity sets image or video to existing object.
So I recommend to use “Selection Pane” as @hugo_varela mentioned. Can you try to put some object in the slide in advance, then get its name using selection pane by press alt+F10?


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@Loha - If you have access to Studiox…Then there is a easy way to find out that…As shown below…

Studiox Automatically Reads each slide and identity the Title Name and Content Placefolder name for you…In the below picture you can see it is “Content Placeholder2” on the slide1. So whatever PPT you are going to work on you can use that in Studiox to find the content Placeholder easily.

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This worked perfectly, I didn’t know how to get name via seclection pane at first.
Thanks a lot.

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