Content placeholder in add to text slide PowerPoint activity

I am unsure what the content placeholder in the add text to slide activity is, and when I click the + button I do not get any options:

I hope it’s inside powerpoint scope


Is the placeholder created in powerpoint is saved
Ideally it will list out
And also check whether the slide 6 has placeholder

I am not sure what a placeholder is - this is what slide 6 looks like:

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Check this video for more insights


Thanks for the video I understand what placeholders are now!

I have identified which placeholder I need to specify (Group 127 in the picture)

Which I have specified in the activity:

But am getting this error:

Would this issue be tied to the fact that I get no options when I click the + button in content placeholder?:

Hi @E.T.S ,

Have you used the File Path hardcoded or is it a variable that you are using as the file path ?
If its a variable you might not be able to get the list generated like below.

Could you Try hardcoding the Powerpoint file path and check :

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The options have come up! Are only text boxes place holders as the β€˜Findings’ box is not present in the options - is there a work around for this?

After hard coding and selecting the options - can I change the hard code back to the variables?

@E.T.S ,
Yes. After a one time configuration, you could change it back to the variables. However, It should also work if you provide the Content placeholder values directly without needing to use hardcoded path.

What is the Findings Box? Is it not inside a Text Box ?

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I have changed the β€˜Findings’ box to a text box

I am trying to insert into the text box a data row variable:

Which is giving me this:

Is there a way of getting the actual value of the data row into the text box rather than the words data row

@E.T.S ,

Could you check with the below Expression :

String.Join(",",drCorrespondingRow.ItemArray.Cast(Of String))

However, If you wish to add the Whole Datatable, then when further exploring the package, we have the below activity as well :

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That works! However the text is not in quite the right format

Is there a way of editing the code given so that the data remains in a column format i.e. like a table rather than a block of text

@E.T.S ,

Let us know if you could perform/show us the Data Representation manually to us, so that we can adjust the code or suggest an alternate accordingly.

Ah I realised it wasn’t the code suggested that made the data as a block of text

I have a read range activity then this code:
dt = dtCorrespondingTab.AsEnumerable.Where(function(x) Regex.Replace(x(0).ToString,β€œ(\r?\n)β€œ,β€β€œ).ToLower.Contains(Regex.Replace(strKeyArea,”(\r?\n)”,β€œβ€).ToLower)).FirstOrDefault

The outcome of this is a block of text i.e. it is not a table

I believe it is this code that needs editing in order to preserve the data in a table format

@E.T.S ,

I believe the outcome of the Code provided is a DataRow or Nothing.

As mentioned earlier, do provide us with the representation that is needed in the PPT file.

In regards to the Expression to be corrected, as it provides a DataRow, meaning a Single row, Do you want that Single row to converted to a Datatable ? If so, we could do the below in the Add Table to Slide activity Table to Add Porperty :

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Thank you that works!

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