Whats app automation


Hi Team,
I am trying to automate whatsapp web version. Everything is working fine but while recording in “type a message” section in bottom right corner above msg comes and on running this recording nothing gets type here. Activity here shows “type in div”.
Can you help me in this.


How about drag Typeinto Activity on work space(type the message ) and try to indicate on the “whatsapp type message window”.

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We can also check whether number is having WhatsApp or not by getting Numbers from a folder?

Hi Atul Kumar, I need some help from you. I also need to automate whatsapp web version. Shall I know how do you do that in brief. Please help me. Thanks in advance.

Hi Atul,

I am amusing u tried it with screen scraping i did it with flow chart, made a bot when if some texts “Hi”, bot replies “Hi” and it was working perfectly but when i used a condition where if a message come other than “Hi”, bot should reply something else it didnt work,

Also how do i make bot check all the new messages? it only replies to the contact on first position in message pane.

Would be great if u could help!!


Hi Ravi could you please share your details how you did the Whtsapp automation i am trying through Screen scrapping i am able to send messages but unable to get reply that i want to automate if i texted ‘Hello’ then instently i would get a reply ‘Hello’

please help me out