What should I learn next?

Hello guys,

So I’m learning automation with StudioX now. I’m not IT person. But I really like this. What other skills could help me with automation? Should I learn VBA? is it very helpful for StudioX?

Hi, If you’re looking to learn things automation wise within UiPath I highly recommend looking through the UiPath academy for courses: https://academy.uipath.com/

Hi @anon40731888

Great to see your interest in Automation with StudioX.

although you aren’t an IT person but if you liked how you automated some processes or learnt the studioX, you definitely would be enjoying working on Studio and trying to automate a bit more complex processes if given to you.

You can follow the learning path for RPA Developer Foundation later go to Advanced.

You’ll enjoy the activities and challenges inside the advanced one.

Happy Automation :smiley:

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