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Today I come up with a question for my further development on the automation industry.
Currently i’m a RPA Developer who finished not long ago the Advanced course, and now i’m facing the fact that just being a RPA Developer might be not enough for getting a job. I was told that it is enough, but still made me think what else could i learn to improve my abilities. So that’s why i come here today, What other related topics should i learn. I recently started reading about UiPath Test Manager, should i learn about more testing capabilities? or is there something else even more usefull? Any advice is Welcome.
Thank you for your attention.

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Hello @Luis_Fernando

There are many advanced features available in UiPATH. Academy tutorials are available for all these topics and i would recommend to expand your knowledge in Document understanding and UiPATH Apps.

1)Document Understanding
2)Uipath Apps
3)Task mining & AI fabric
4) Test suite.

Also, you can learn more on the integration with different tools and cloud platforms to expand the capabilities of UiPath.

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Where can I learn about document understanding?

you can go to academy.uipath.com and complete the document understanding tutorial.
It can help.