What method of stopping execution does UiPath Studio use?

When using Studio and I Run (F5) a workflow. If I then Stop (F12) it, what method of ending execution is used. Is it more similar to Stop or Kill in Orchestrator?

Hi Spamish,

That’s a great question! The one sentence answer would be “Stop in Studio behaves like Kill in Orchestrator”, but let me elaborate a little on the difference between Stop and Kill in Orchestrator to clarify why this is.

When we say “Stop” in Orchestrator, it’s what I’d think of as a “soft” termination of the process. The robot doesn’t immediately stop running, and instead continues until it hits a “Should Stop” activity. This activity is used to check if a “Stop” command has been issued by Orchestrator. The purpose of this is relatively clear if we consider a batch process - if we’re processing a set of 200 files, and we issue a “Stop” command halfway through processing one of them, the bot can know to finish processing that particular file before stopping (based on where the automation checks “Should Stop” and stops).

Kill, on the other hand, stops a process as soon as the “Kill” message is received. This is good if something needs to stop immediately, but comes with the drawback that the bot might stop in the middle of a transaction.

Going back to Studio, you’ll notice that the bot terminates immediately when pressing “Stop” (F12). Because of this, it’s more like “Kill” in Orchestrator.

Hope this helps!