UiPath assistance process stop - current transaction status

Hi Team,
I have some questions on UiPath assistance on attended mode.

What is the difference between Orchestrator stop for Unattended process and UiPath assistant stop for attended process ?

In UiPath assistant, If I stop the process what will happen to the current running transaction.
How do I identify / catch the process stop action in the workflow when i try to stop in UiPath assistant.

You can read from here the difference: Robot - Stopping a Process. Basically from Assistant, it’s only possible to Kill a process. If you want to allow to soft-stop it, you need to work around it. Some options:

  • Listen for a certain key combination
  • Add a form button that the user can click

Hi @shyammaddi

The transaction item stay in In Pogress Status and after ~24 hours then change to Abandoned.

You can create additional logic to prevent this as mentioned or you can disable stop button for the desire process in Process Additional Settings in Orchestrador as describe here:

Basically what i am looking here is, I have a logic in workflow creating temporary output file in Robot Solution Data folder, once the attended bot is complete, The RE framework workflow logic will move the temporary output file to Client Network location.

The issue here is, sometime due to websites or application latency the attended operator want to stop the Bot in between middle of transactions run, at this time I need to move the partial temporary output file to Client network location, How do I achieve this ?

Take a look in this video, maybe it help

The actions you place inside a Finally of a Try Catch have 3 seconds to complete after the stop button is pressed.

The signal causes the activities to cancel in cascade while allowing Finally blocks of the workflow to execute clean-up steps. If the Cancel signal does not stop the workflow in three seconds, the job is killed by forcibly stopping any running activities at any point in their execution.

You could investigate if that’s enough time to perform the steps you need.

thank you, I also thought the same way to create a separate desktop app. so here in this video, the windows app is stopping ( soft stop ) the Process directly ?


Yes. It demonstrates the same logic using ReFramework. You can create a logic in Get Transaction Data State to check if some variable changes from Windows Apps and if so, go to Should Stop branch like Shoud Stop Activity