Detect stop executing from Studio

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I was wondering is there a way to detect if user click “stop” on Studio to terminate process?
I know about stop/kill on the Orchestrator, but can we do something similar when “stop” button is pressed in Studio?


Did you check the uipath event logs?



Do you want to stop the current executing process from studio without clicking Stop button ?

If yes you can use F7 key to stop it.
And also may I know which version of studio are you using ?

If you are using latest version of studio then go to System tray and from there you can assign shortcut key to our process and stop it.

Thank you guys but that’s not that, maybe I did not explained correctly…for example, can we detect if user click on “stop” button and then send email (for example) that execution is interrupted?

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Hi @Nikola_Drazic,

Unfortunately it’s not possible with UiPath alone, as stopping the execution is basically like force-closing the robot - no action gets executed after that.
But you can write some separate piece of software monitoring system or UiPath logs and sending notifications on stopped executions (running as a service so the user cannot stop it)

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