Is studio have a robot?

Hello there,
We have studio and unattended robot license. We didn’t get an orchestrotor.

We run our application in debug mode via studio as a vicious circle.

When we work this way, are we using the studio’s development robot?

If so, we got the unattended robot license unnecessarily and we haven’t used it for a year.

Now, while renewing the license, it is said that we are now obliged to get orchestrators.

I guess we will not renew the license as we have done a small number of works that take little time.

Thanks for your answer.


For Unattended robot license you have to need of a orchestrator

Studio has the assistant(Robot) which is for development

If you just want the license without orchestrator then you may choose Attended robot license which you can deploy you package and run by your own

Hope this may help you


Thank you for the answer.

So we got the unattended robot license for nothing.
We did not need an unattended or attended robot as we were running a single multi-tasking job in the studio.

Hopefully, they make up for our wasted one year license for unattended robots. because we were told that we needed an unattended robot license.

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