What is the purpose of Queues?

Hi All… Can anyone pls explain me what is the exact purpose of Queues in Orchestrator. I know the process of adding Queue items and retrieving it, But the fact what is its use like we can directly feed the input to any application in run time. For example if we take the example where the input is taken from Excel and feed it into any application, SO in this case , what is purpose of queues , i can dynamically open the the excel and feed it into application in an unattended robot. Please clarify the importance of it

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I’ll try to answer your question as simple as possible:

  1. Queues give you better control over the process and easier troubleshooting
  2. Long running processes are easier to handle
  3. No risk of locked file or processing of the file by simultaneously working robots - with queues scaling up is not a big deal
  4. Counting KPIs

These are main reasons to mention.

You can read more here:
About Queues and Transactions (uipath.com)


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There are other uses but the main reason i would use a queue is if i have many transactions that need to be completed in a certain time frame, the queue would allow to distribute the task to multiple robots, working simultaneously.

It makes your automations reliable and simpler. Say you are processing 50 records from a spreadsheet, if you just read it into a datatable and loop through it, what do you do when it fails on record 20? How do you pick up where you left off when you run it again? How/where do you record success or fail? How do you enforce deadlines? How do you report on how long each item took to process? What if there are 50,000 records and you want multiple jobs running at the same time to get them done more quickly?

Queues solve all these, and more.


I would add “being able to have multiple jobs processing from the same Queue.”