Which Data to be added to queue and why?

I was asked a question interview , “In which scenario will you upload the data to queue? and why?”

Can anyone give me a idea…


If we have large volume of data is there to process and in that case we will use Orchestrator Queue’s. So that volume will be distributed among the multiple BOTs and it will process quickly. Its main reason to add Data to the queue.


HI @nohow04,

Its in regard to dispatcher performer model.

Dispatcher model - if we have huge amounts of data, then we can create a dispatcher process which will be responsible for uploading data to the queue as and when required or based on some triggers.

Performer model - once data is uploaded, we can have multiple performer processes in place to consume and process that data in parallel.

Apart from this, queues are really helpful to have a proper tracking of the items being executed by the bot and their corresponding status.

Also, you can have items executed by bot basis their priority as you can define the priority for items uploaded to the queue.

For more info, please refer below doc link:



@sonaliaggarwal47 , @lakshman Thanks a lot for your replies. I guess now i have got a good idea about it .


Hi @nohow04,

Glad to hear that:)

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