Queue In Orchestrator UseCase

can I get an use case and how to implement Queue to scale up Bots,

I created a BOT which adds Policy from an Excel to Queue ( using AddQueueItem ) and also able to getTransaction, I didn’t get how to use to process a workflow using the queue,

question is should I create 2 BOTs; one just for adding to Queues from an Excel sheet and another BOT to process it to avoid duplicate loading?

as I need to run the Bot “ProcessPolicyInfo” in 2 different Machines to distribute the LOAD via Queue, so that if I get 1000 policies, I can see 500 policies to process in 1 machine and other 500 policies another machine

Thank you for your help

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Yes, though specifically you should create two separate processes. One of these should only do whatever is required to check for new items to be processed, adding each of these to the queue with the data required for the actual transaction. The other process should consume these items one by one using Get Transaction Item (this will only take items that are not currently being processed), perform the real work and finally report the transaction as a success or a failure with Set Transaction Status. Both of these should use looping constructs, so as to continue running until no more new items are available. There is a much more detailed description, with example files, in the Orchestrator Academy (e.g. Practice 8).

After designing these processes, you can schedule both of them independently and assign different numbers of robots as required. If you assign two (or more) to the consumption process, the work is automatically distributed between them.

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Can you post your http request for the AddQueueItem call? We’re having trouble getting it to work. - thanks

What kind of trouble? You cannot add items?