What is the output and workflow in lesson 2 part 2 workflow

Can you share the screenshot of variable window and what is the output you are expecting.

Karthik Byggari

Create four variables of the GenericValue type in your sequence
  • A with value “123”
  • B with value “456”
  • C with value 123
  • D with value 456

Print to the console various operations with them and see what is the result

  • A + B
  • C + D
  • A + C
  • C + A

GenericType variable types are defined at the runtime based on the value given.

A,B are strings
C,D are integers

Based on the first variable, the output will change.
If first variable is integer, the output will be integer (addition)
If first variable is string, the output will be string (concat strings)


Karthik Byggari