Question about Lesson-2 Variables, Data Types & Control Flows


I followed all the steps in “Lesson-2 Variables, Data Types & Control Flows”, but I can’t get the correct results.
Even when I downloaded all the files, opened and ran them. Still won’t get the correct results.
Teach me to fix this problem, please.

Can you be more specific? What result are you expecting and what is the actual output?

Let’s say the " Practical Exercise" of "Lesson 2 - Practice 2 “. The task is " Create four variables of the GenericValue type** in your sequence”.
There is nothing happened after running the whole actions (both my work or downloaded answers file).

You have created the four variables in uipath studio with some value , but you have not print it’s value in message box or writeline. Try to put it’s variable in message box to see the value of the variable.

Thank you. I’ll try again.