Need help in UIpath RPA Foundation lesson 2 practice 2

hi i wanted to know what exactly is happening in this section.[]

and is the answer provided is incomplete?

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Hi @abhilashshekhar

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this lesson depicts this only buddy
-there are four variables A, B, C, D Where all the variables are of type Generic value but the value in it differs like string, integer and usually Generic type of variable can take any kind of value in it, like string, integer, boolean
–in that case while adding to two string values it becomes concatenation of two strings
like A+B gives us output 123456, as the value of both A and B is a generic variable with string values in it.
–then here in C+D, so the output would be 123+456 = 579
–while we try to add two generic variables where one variable has integer kind of value and another one has string type value, and the final conversion will be based on the first variable and its value type
then for A+C, as A is a generic type variable with string value,C will also be taken as string though it has integer value in it
so the output would be a concatenation, as when we put + between two strings it will get concatenated, and the output would be 123123
–same applies C+A
Hope this would help you buddy
Cheers @abhilashshekhar

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any issues still buddy @abhilashshekhar

okay now i get it… thanks a lot
nope no issue

Fantastic @abhilashshekhar

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