Datatype GenericValue: different between Write Line and Log File

Hi Folks,

Is first time that I write on Forum, so if this question is into other side, pls give where I can find it.

Doing courses I have done an error using datatype GenericValue on Log File instead on Write Line. In Write Line if a variabile with GenericValue is a number (like 123) and a second variabile with same datatype, they will sum (es. 123 + 456 = 579).

but if you have 123 + “456”, in Write Line, you have the same result, but not in Log File that you have (always) a string concatenation:

123 + “456” = 123456
456 + “123” = 456123

Pls could someone explain me why I have a concatenation string on Log File activity ?
Thanks in Advance

DiffBetweenWriteLine_Log.xaml (5.2 KB)

if first data is integer + string = integer
string + integer = string