What is the maximum page limit of OCR Engines embedded with UiPath Studio

Hi Team,
Please let me know what is the maximum limit of pages be processes using embedded OCR Engines (Google, Microsoft Engine, Abby).

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Do you found any issue with the PDF having multiple pages? @amitbhatt55

No limit as far as I know :slight_smile:.

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Hi @HareeshMR , This is the proactive check to ensure that we dont get into trouble and surprise our client with additional license cost.

I don’t think that will cost additional cost as if you have enterprise edition, you will get the maximum things that can be done as far as I know

@loginerror , Could you please suggest something here?

Hi @amitbhatt55

I don’t recall any topics here on the Forum that would mention any reasonable rate limitations, so I would assume you should not worry about it.

I would have to confirm that to be sure though.

Maybe @DeanMauro would know :slight_smile:

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I haven’t worked on those packages so I can’t say for sure, but don’t believe there are rate limits. The cloud versions of the activities do have limits, but those are determined by your subscription.


Thanks @DeanMauro. No worries.

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