Document Understanding number of Pages Limit


I have been developed and testing multiple Document Understanding projects before which now is the first time I encountered this type of error.

I have this one PDF file type, at first the filesize is 9MB and number of pages is 167 pages. However it threw an error below during “Digitization” stage.
“System.Exception: Job stopped with an unexpected exit code: 0xE0434352”

When I received this error; I tried to compress the PDF size to 400KB but receive the same error.

So, I manually split the PDF into 2 separate PDF which 1 has 84 pages and the other one is 83 pages. However, this works.

Therefore, I want to ask whether is there pages limitation to perform “Digitization” stage during Document Understanding?


Need more clarity for a more definitive answer.

What’s the OCR you’re using? On-prem or cloud?

UiPath Document OCR, Cloud.

Another thing that I’ve tried is increase the timeout value to really high value, still give the same error.

You can refer the document below:

It says * Enterprise licensed traffic - The consumption entitlement is displayed as a number of pages on the Licenses page within the Document Understanding section. The size of documents that can be extracted is limited per page to 20 megapixels and 10MB, in JSON-Base64 format.

I am using Enterprise licensed traffic. My document is 9MB.

Did you get this resolved?

I have a similar process that try process 250+ page documents daily and the file size is very much larger than 20mb. However, that works fine.

Have you checked with your license team to see if there is any limitation on yours?