Dcoument Understanding processing limitation

In the community version there is a limit of 50 per hour for document processing and 1 page per document.
Is there a limit in the enterprise edition and do u have to pay anything extra if you are processing a large amount of documents?
Can someone provide a link with the pricing please.

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Hi @Rachael_Sherry,
There is no limit for enterprise edition and there is no documentation that provides any specific pricing details.
Enterprise endpoints - The consumption entitlement is displayed as a number of pages on the Licenses page within the Document Understanding section. The size of documents that can be extracted is limited per page to 20 megapixels and 10MB, in JSON-Base64 format. Data sent to these endpoints is NOT stored by UiPath.
Please refer link below see the information at the bottom of the page:-


No limit for enterprise edition and there is no specific pricing details.

Thank you

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