What is the format of the AnnotationText element in XAML files that are in libraries?


I’m currently working on a tool to help automate the checking of workflows for adherence to our internal style guide. One of the things I’d like to check is that public workflows in libraries are annotated.

This is important as the annotation, set via the properties dialog, becomes the tool tip for the activity and is therefore end user facing documentation.

I can find the annotation using a XPath query like this:


The value of the annotation appears to be a Base64 encoded value. Decoding the value shows a JSON array.

I’ve seen that the JSON contains the ‘Help Link’ URL when it is specified via the properties dialog. I’d like to expand on our automated check to ensure that a URL for further information is always provided.

To do that I’d like to understand a little more about how this value works.

The Base64 encoded value has a 12 character prefix. For example: UPTF00000170 or UPTF00000300.

Can anyone tell me what the purpose of this prefix is?

With thanks.


Hi @techxplorer

I don’t know how it went for you, but maybe the newly added Workflow Analyzer will be able to handle it? :slight_smile:

I didn’t find the rule for your use case, but you can create your own ones: