Obtain the description of the workflows of my project through its respective XAML

Hello colleagues, I need to find a way to obtain the description of the worlofws of my project from its respective XAML, I am doing it through another project that will read all the workflows of a specific project, obtain its XAML and convert it into XML, I think This way I could get the information easier, but I can’t get the info from the tag
I give you some context, I am trying to get the SDD Assistant https://marketplace.uipath.com/listings/sdd-assistant that is in the marketplace, apart from obtaining the arguments of the workflpws, also obtain their respective descriptions

this is the xml of a Get TransactionData
Doc4.txt (9.9 KB)

Hi @Juan_Esteban_Valencia ,

Could you let us know if you are mentioning about Annotations used in the workflow or is it the Project Description for the Whole Project which should also be found in the project.json file ?


Thanks for responding, I’m referring to the annotations in the workflows

Yes an option, we can do and also had done more often

  • Using UiPath and XML Processing
  • Using XQuery within other IDEs
  • What exactly was failling?

Since a few newer versions we should be now also in the position to put it into Custom Workflow Analyzer Rule and get the extracted Annotation text exported, after its extraction.

But here we feel, that above options are faster to implement.

A last quick dirty approach (we like it less) could also be the mass text file processing and using regex for the annotation text extraction