Add annotations to a sequence/flowchart

Hello UiPath community!

I know how to add annotations to activities. Yet I don’t know how to annotate e.g. a sequence or flowchart.

Is that even possible? I want to add information (e.g. description) to the area marked red.

Hi @rpadevquick,

You can put annotation to the workflows but you can’t write an annotation here.


Thanks for the quick reply @omer.ozturk! Then a second question - if I want someone else to read my code and I’m using the REFramework and made changes to it, where do I put these annotations? Since I can’t put annotations to the Main.xaml and I’m not invoking the Main.xaml itself.


I usually use Comment activity. Beginning of the initialization, you can write your description to the comment activity.


Then I’ll do that, thank you! :slight_smile:

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You are welcome. Have a nice day @rpadevquick :slight_smile:

@omer.ozturk I found what I was looking for. If you drag any activity where it’s marked red you can add annotations to any workflow.



Can you not just click on your activity and then press ‘shift + F2’ and start typing?



Yes @rpadevquick,

When you said i can add annotation to activity, i thought you already know this. So i don’t say anythink about it.

Thanks anyway :slight_smile:


Yes but if I wanted to annotate the flowchart I had to drag sth in first (in this case a sequence). Somehow I couldn’t find any other way.

ok perfect :slight_smile:

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