What is the fastest way to read multiple excel sheets and fill up multiple identical forms?

So I have 7 excel order sheets and i need to fill the information separately into 7 identical forms. I was thinking of using read range (btw i must use read range in order to score points). According to the limited knowledge i have learnt from school, i have to set up 7 read range and 7 datatables so it wouldnt paste the same thing, but is there a way to loop this read range process and put the info from different sheets into different variables? Or any faster way than set up 7 read range?
Another question is, how does get row item work? I have only used get row item for single cell that is in the same column with the title. If there are multiple cells in a column will uipath able to fill them into the form separately ? / If the cell and title are in the same row instead of column will get row item still work?

Hi @Lucius_L ,

For reading multiple sheets into different variables. Yes you can use a loop.

  1. Drag a for loop and give the array of sheets in the loop.{“Sheet1”,“Sheet2”…} and change type argument to string in the for loop(item)
  2. Use Read range inside it and pass the ‘item’ as sheet name.
  3. In the output variable you can use a dictionary(string, Datatable) and give the output variable as Dict(item) this will store the name of sheet as key and the Corresponding datatable as the value of it
  4. For get row item can also be used inside loop to get the same column value of different rows.
  5. If you need to get two columns in same row then you have to use two get row item activities


Wow fast reply sia thanks a lot, 1 thing I don’t get is the 2 column get Row item part. Like the info is (first cell) ORDER NUMBER : (second cell) 2bsjei29 for example, ORDER NUMBER is the title but I only want 2bsjei29, how do I use the get Row item in this case?

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HI @Lucius_L ,

Assuming when you say first cell and second cell being in the same row. then if you need to second column details use get row item with column index as 1 if you need first cell values use it as 0

Other way assuming the first cell and second cell being in same column, then if you need the value in second row, then the column index with be 0 but the row that you pass will be the second row(ideally index of second row is 1 as column or row index starts from 0)

Hope this clarifies


OKs thanks bro you are a hero

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