How to read two sheets from same excel with different datatable, different name column

Hi i need to read two sheets from one excel .
This two sheet got different datatable and the ,column name also different.

I try to do like this but somehow it cant read column in DBCollateral.
I try to change the name somehow still got error.

can you post screenshot of your excel here

Hi @user123mem ,

Do note that you are using CurrentRow in both the For Each Row Activities, change one of them to CurrentRow1 or some different name and Check if you can do the desired operation.


You can use Get Workbook sheets to get the list of sheet names.
Then use a For each to loop through the array names.
use a Read Range activity to Read the Excel and inside the range you have to give the sheet name(it will be item if you are using for each)

Hi i try using your solution but somehow i still hit an error

Hi can you show me how to do iy

@user123mem , What was the Error Message ?



Have you used Read Range Activities at the beginning to read the Two Sheets in Excel ?

If not, you would require to use it and provide the required Datatable variable as it’s Output.

Yes i already use Read Range Activities.
Here is my workflow;

Basically i need to read from two excel and one excel i need to read two sheets together.

DBAppInfo and DBCollateral is from one excel
DBAppInq is another excel

Share the excel and the requirement here with a screenshot. Will help to create the flow.


  • Are you trying to read App Form Sheet data and storing it in DBAppForm variable. If this is the case then you have to keep the read range activity (which was reading sheet APP Form) before for each row of DBAppForm

  • Similar to this are you reading Collateral sheet and storing the data in a DBCollateral Variable. If this the case again you have to keep the read range activity (which was reading sheet Collateral) before for each row of DBCollateral. Check the results

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