What is the Fastest Way to Add Values to an Excel Spreadsheet

I want to add a whole lot of values to an Excel Spreadsheet.

What is the fastest way to do this?

And, what are my options?

The ones that I can think of are:

  1. Create a datatable with all my values in it and then add that to the spreadsheet using the write range activity.
  2. Writing a UiPath workflow that clicks and types into Excel mimicking exactly what a human user would do.
  3. Inputting the values individually using a loop and the write cell activity.

I would be interested I knowing what my other options are here.


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these two would work faster


but its upto us to choose the method
like if we have lot of columns to be filled with its value then we can use the first method of datatable with ADD DATA ROW activity where the each value can be passed as input through arrayrow property like tis {“value1”,“value2”,“value3”,…,“valuen”}

or if not then we can use WRITE CELL activity

Cheers @KamKam