Making faster the activity "Write value"

Iam using the activity “Write value” to input my execution results but I have observed that It takes 11 seg to write the value I understand that It is because Uipath makes conections to Excel and the time not depend on the editor otherwise It depends on the connector.

For this reason I hope that SomeOne can help me to make faster this process.

@Lucky0906: Write Value in general is no slower than Write Cell

Could be that yours is a very specific case.

What are you trying to write?


Hi @Lucky0906,

If you are using the Write Value activity to insert formulas into the excel sheet, you could also try the following strategy:


In fact, I have values in a txt file and I need to pass this information to Excel. I am checking the write range and I have observed that It is faster than write value. However, I don’t know if It is possible to convert an array to a data table or How can I pass my data in the file txt to excel using Write Range?

Yes, indeed. The Write Value activity is different and is commonly used to write formulas into excel, however the Write Range activity is basically used to do a bulk insert into the excel using a datatable that was previously populated. Yes, it’s possible, you could follow the logic from the links below, but I have created an example for you.

And you could also use this website to convert your code from C# to VB .NET

I have created an example that reads the excel file and insert its content to an excel file. Kindly check it and if it’s looks like to what you are expecting. I created two examples from the scenario you have provided. (4.2 KB)


Please note that WriteCell/WriteValue/WriteRange saves the file after each write (at least last time I checked in 2016.1), so if you’re inserting a lot of data, WriteCell will be n-1 times slower. This is especially visible when writing to files on a network location.