What is the difference between process, activity, workflow, project and robot?

Hi, Is this a place where I can ask questions about RPA and UiPath?
This my first time to learn about RPA and UiPath. I’m really confused about some terms. I’m confused about the difference between Process, activity, workflow, project and robot.
Please tell me if i’m wrong, the project is the robot itself and it contains multiple workflows and each workflow contains multiple activities.

Hi @Bassel_Ali

Robot – A Robot is software or a tool which is used to run automation projects. It contains list of published projects. The user can install and run the project through robot.

Project – Is a collection of workflows or xaml files (a project can have many xaml files). So a project is actually made for a Business process (process like reconciliation of report or fetching details from an invoice PDF these are example of Business Processes).

Workflow – it contains many activities to perform a certain task (xaml file is a workflow). The whole project can be divided into many workflow files or xaml files. To process the input files we can separate workflow (xaml file). To send output mail we can have another workflow. A project is made up of one or more than one workflow.

Activity – an entity which perform a task. To perform various task there are different activities like

  • Read excel file – Read Range Activity
  • Read PDF files text – Read PDF Text Activity
  • Click on an element of a web page – Click Activity
  • Write a text file – Write Text File Activity

You can find more information related to activities on this web page https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/introduction

You can watch a video tutorial of a simple automation project and it would make things easier for you to understand.

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Welcome to the UiPath Community @Bassel_Ali!

Yes, you are absolutely right with knowing the terminology. Good going :+1:

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A Robot is a server and user combination that is used to run automations. It is not software nor a tool.

Thank you so much. But Can we put an activity inside another activity? for example: Can we put “input dialog” activity inside “sequence” activity? or “sequence” activity inside another “sequence” activity?

Yes you can

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Depends on the activity. Some activities are containers that can hold other activities (like Open Browser) and some are not.

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His description of Robot is incorrect. A robot is not software. It is a combination of user and server, and is what runs automations.

Think of the robot as replacing the human.

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Thank you.

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