Difference between Process and Robot

Is process we created through UiPath Studio can be called as UiPath Robots. If not, what is the difference between UiPath Robots and the process/project that we create using UiPath Studio.

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Hi @Anchal_Sarraf
UiPath Robot is the agent responsible for running the processes, it is independent than the processes themselves.

The process is the sum of activities that we stack together in order to form a logic for our automation.

hope it’s clear

I understood it. Can you please explain, how I can create a Robot, so that I can upload it at UiPath Go. I have only worked with UiPath studio till now, not much worked with UiPath Orchestrator. I am a complete new to all these.

So to create a robot you need to use the UiPath studio and design a workflow and then you can create an account in uipath go and add some details to it and then finally add you automation there by uploading the componenets.

Bear in mind that you need to make a framework that is somehow useful, or add a custom activity to manipulate an application and this is achieved using code and there is documentation on this website

And also here in the forum, so check them out if you want to go that way.

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