What is the difference between community & enterprise

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I need a clarification.

What is the difference between community & enterprise?
Almost everything is similar in both the types. And also for simple automations like excel & some frontend automations, community free trial version are enough to run the automation. The only drawback in community free trial is that it will expire in 60 days other than that there is no huge differences between community & enterprise to run simple automations I think.

I came across a situation where a person new to RPA field asked me, why should they go for enterprise edition for simple automations when they have everything they required in community editions itself ?

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The main difference between the Community and Enterprise editions of UiPath is the level of support, scalability, and security offered.

The Community Edition is a free version that is mainly aimed at individual developers, small businesses, and educational institutions. It offers all the core features, such as the Studio development environment, the Orchestrator management console, and a range of pre-built automation activities. However, the Community Edition has certain limitations, such as a restricted number of robots, a limited set of connectors, and no dedicated support.

On the other hand, the Enterprise Edition is a paid version that is designed for large organizations with complex automation needs. It offers advanced features such as high availability, load balancing, and disaster recovery, as well as dedicated support and training services. The Enterprise Edition also comes with additional security features such as role-based access control, audit logs, and encryption.

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Yes, the community & Enterprise has the same set of activities what you see
But few differences are like

  1. Community is intended to use for learning purpose not for Production purpose, why because always Community version is upgraded with the new packages and not stable for Production purposes

  2. You will get support from UiPath if you have any issues, but Community users won’t get any support

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