Differences between UiPath community edition and license edition

Dear All,

We know that there are differences between community and licensed versions.
Please provide me a detail different documents if you have it. Because every time our client asks that they want to know what are the differences in these and we can only explain overview but not in-depth.
Such as they say they can use community edition since their business is in SME and no need to buy a license.

So likely for these cases, I am asking you, experts, what can we provide better knowledge for them.
Please collaborate on this case. Many thanks.


Please check below thread.


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@Htwe_Ko_Ko_Wynn You can refer here a high level differences.


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Thank you guys. However, we also provide these information to them. But can we get a little more depth on this case?

As we know free antivirus and paid are different but if we compare these things, such as community and UiPath enterprise studio, we can transparently see support level and update level only.

So let me know if there any more information?