What is the best way to handle large form responses / form fills?

Hi, I have a form with 80 fields. The form entries are sent to me by email as a text attachment. Each entry is on a separate line. I download and save this attachment in a folder. I then need to read each line, and enter the different entries into an application. It is a simple and straightforward procedure in itself.

The issue here is the number of form entries in each txt document, and how to this best. I am now using assign and write line activities, setting up a datatables for each line in the txt file. That ends up with an endless number of activities. Are there a more effective way to do this?

What you can try is using the “Read Text File” activity to create a string containing all of the data in the file, and then create an array to store the strings from each line in the output from the “Read Text File” activity.

This post shows how you can use the “.Split” method to create the array: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/14795943/how-to-split-new-line-in-string-in-vb-net

After the array has been created, you can use a “For Each” activity, to iterate through each element in the array and perform whatever actions you need to.

Use generate Datatable activity. This can convert the String to Datatable. After converting you can use For Each Row to enter those values one by one in to the application.

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