Reading large text file

I have a scenario to read a text file and convert to datatable. Issue is that, my text file is too large (size 75 MB 1600 lines and around 60,000 length). ReadTextFile activity is helping to read entire file. Could anyone help me resolve this.

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–hope READ TEXT FILE activity works on that file which will give us a variable of type string named str_input
–now use a GENERATE DATATABLE activity where pass this string variable str_input as input and get the output with a variable of type datatable named dt

based on the delimiter in the file mention the delimiter like tab,comma,or pipe
Cheers @Tom3

I am able to generate a datatable if text file is small. I am not able to do the same for large files, as read text file activity not able to read entire file.

is it throwing any error @Tom3

Yes, it is throwing exception like…
Job stoppesd with an unexpected exit code:0xE0434352


large datasets can be handled by following:

  • Assign Activity: File.ReadAllLines(CSVFilePath).ToList()
  • Generate Datatable Activity

have a look here for a case using these main building blocks:

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Thank you so much :v: