Separate texts

I am reading a txt file and would like to move to the datatable, I would like to know a way to do this by separating rows and columns

Hi @Beatriz,

Use generate Datatable activity. This can convert the String to Datatable. You need to provide suitable column and row seperators.


Could you explain the steps?

You have open the right activity.

  • You just need to click on that “Generate Datatable” button.
  • Then provide the input in “Sample Input” Field.
  • Give column seperator as Comma.
  • Row seperator as Newline or “\n”.
  • Then click preview to see the output.
  • Once you are fine with output you can map the input string.

thanky you

a doubt, could I do this by reading from a txt file?

Yes ofcourse. What you are doing is correct.


You just need to provide the output of “Read text File” as input in “Generate Datatable”

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