Read Many data (5000 rows) from Excel and Write them into text boxes on a webpage _ Urgent

Hi to All,

I searched what I am going to ask during the 2 hours on the forum but couldnt find the solution.
So what I am doing and the problem are;

  1. Getting nearly 5000 rows (which is to EE column) from excel
  2. Opening browser
  3. Writing those rows to corresponding textboxes on the website.

I did step 1 and 2. but cannot continue.

If i need to clarify this more,

A. I may not need all the columns, that’s not sure yet. But if we say If I just don’t need any 5 columns but the rest yes, how should I do this.

Do I have to iterate whole DT and use 60 - 80 type into activities in for each row?

I think there should be someway while writing row(Number) in TypeInto activity.

or anything else?

B. and there is another thing that should be careful at, that excel sheet may change, 3 months later they may insert 1 or 2 columns in the middle, so if we do this according to row(Number), it is a risk.

That means, I may need to get rows by their column name. so again, should I then write 80 90 column names into Assign activity?

Thank youu


It depends on the selectors of the text fields where you need to type into. Is there any generic part, for example the same column name as the excel, or a number as tableColumn element? In that case you could use a For Each activity for each column in the datatable, and use a Type Into inside that. Could you give a few examples of the selectors? And use the UI explorer to include aaname, columnname and tableColumn.

If there’s no clear logic, then I’m afraid having a lot of type into activities is best way.