What is significance of SearchScope in Attach Browser/Attach Window activity?

I would like to understand significance and best practice for using ‘SearchScope’ property for AttachBrowser & Attach Window activities.

As, we already have a Selector & Browser/Window as part of ‘Input’ property, so why have searchscope?

Is it for handling multiple windows/browsers?


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Thanks for the reply @bala_subramanyam.
I have gone through the documentation. But want to understand more on usability of SearchScope.

I want to understand if we can attach a dynamic value to this.
UseCase that I want to try:

  1. Multiple browser/Application windows with same selector parameter are open.
  2. Each would be raised with separate browser/window variable. eg. wnd_1, wnd_2,wnd_3, etc.
  3. Put “Attach Window” in for each loop and then assign each window(eg. “wnd”+RunID) and get required action done.

Do let me know if any available solution.


you can use dynamic selector to do it.

Thanks again, but in my case selector is constant.
Ideally, using a putty application connecting to a single machine but executing separate task.
So ‘selector’ in each case would be same.

Hi did you get any more info on it ?

thanks, Rishi

Hi @RishiVC1,
I did a work around of using SSH Connector for directly connecting and working with Unix terminal.
It is way better and reliable then using Putty.