Use of searchscope property in attach browser activity

Can someone explain the use of searchscope property available in attach browser activity ?
it will be great if you can help me out with practical example


to be honest i never used or seen anyone use it, and reading about it, i dont understand the difference between SearchScope and Input Browser property… @loginerror can anyone elaborate more on how to use this?


From the docs:


  • SearchScope - The application window in which to search for the UI element defined by the Selector property.

This would presumably be used if you had similar browsers open inside of multiple applications, though I’d imagine this use case is pretty rare.

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searchscope is a browser type variale just like the one you can have as input, so documentations helps nothing for me to understand what is the use… what you mean by similar browsers? and opened in multiple applications?

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Let’s say for some process you need to open similar webpages, and maybe the selectors aren’t great so you use the top-level domain and a wildcard as the selector.

You use Open Browser to open Save this as browser_1.
Then, you use Open Browser to open Save this as browser_2.

Then, if you need to re-attach to browser_1 you use Attach Browser, give “*” as the selector (maybe page_1 and page_2 don’t have very good individual selectors) and give browser_1 as the searchscope. This would reliably re-attach to browser_1 instead of browser_2.

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if i needed as you say, i would not use any selector for the windows, i would use the variables i saved in the first place as input browser property…

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It could also be left over from the Attach Window activity, but I don’t think it would be any more useful there.

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