What is included in a UiPathStudio-published package?

Dear all,

I’m interested in discovering which part of a project folder is included in a package published by UiPath Studio.
According to my observation, some files within the project folder are included, and others seem not.
E.g., in the project folder of the ReFramework, .the “\Data\Config.xlsx” seems being pacakged because the Robot can run the process without putting Config.xlsx to the target machine manually.
Are there any explicit principles or rules to define what is included and what is not?

Thanks in adanvce.

All files within the project folder is included. Should it have folders without content, it will be removed.

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Hi, @Emman_Pelayo,

Thanks for your reply.

“All files within the project folder is included”, this was also my understanding.
But it seemed not the real behavior in my test. Let me explain it as following.

In the UiDemo practice(UiPath Academy Level3 part 1), there are two special files within my project folder.

  1. /Data/Config.xlsx
  2. /UiDemo/UiDemo.exe

This workflow was published to the orchestrator. When I run it as an orchestrator job, Config.xlsx was found by the remote Robot successfully but the UiDemo.exe was not. So I guessed /UiDemo folder was not included in the published package.

I know that including UiDemo.exe into the package might not be a good practice but I hope to make it clear about the packaging principle by this case.

Thanks again.


My basis is publishing package locally. .exe files is also included on the published files.

Since you are using orchestrator, maybe it has something to do with uploading the allowed files that are filtered by orchestrator. Just like email wherein it don’t allow exe files that may be malicious.


Hi, @Emman_Pelayo,

I downloaded the published package from orchestrator and unzipped it.
Just as you said, actually everything is there, both /Data/Config.xlsx and /UiDemo/UiDemo.exe.
They are under package-file/lib/net45 sub folder.

It is kind of confusing. It seems something is blocking the running of built-in exe file.
I’m going to try some simpler example without using ReFramework.
Do you have any other ideas?

Thanks a lot.