Question on Packages

Hi Team,

I just published main xaml file using robot default(Not connected to orchestrator just uirobot installed). Once published I see 2 packages

path number 1: c:\programdata\uipath\packages\UiPathDemo.1.0.7124.28276.nupkg

path number 2. c:\users\ula.nuget\packages\UiPathDemo\1.0.7124.28276\lib\net45

  1. Also when i publish empty folders (named Files) are not visible in the location(path number 2) but in my task i will put a .pdf file in that empty folder during run time. Since the Files folder not visible it throws error(when the bot is triggered from uirobot) while the bot tries to push a pdf file in Files folder

What is the actual difference for the above two and which one actually uipath refers and about empty file not visible in the path(path number 2)


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I guess UIPath will refer nupkg package only. It consists of all process related files.

Hi @Boopathi

Just to confirm - empty folders are not getting published. You can place a placeholder, empty file inside to make sure it gets published :slight_smile:


Thanks for the answer. Is this however intended behavior?


I believe so, it might have something to do with the nuget specifications.