What is BreakTriggerScopeInArgument

when I try to modify xaml file with Studio which were created by studioX
randomly BreakTriggerScopeInArgument argument is added
it is not visible
when I open xaml file with notepad, it is.

it also caused studio error
스크린샷 2024-01-07 00.33.47

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Hi @mountie,

Thanks for reaching out.

Can you check if there is another argument created with the same name this will cause an issue.

  1. To remove Click on Data Manager as highlighted.
  2. Then Select your duplicate argument and delete it.

Hope it works for you.

Happy Automation,

after analyze the file, I was able to see the argument at properties tab.
after change the argument name, it was visible at Data Manager
then I was able to delete it.

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스크린샷 2024-01-08 11.47.16

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