UiPath Studio : Failed to create a 'InOutArgument' from the text ''.' Line number '1' and line position '77'. Row: 1, Column: 77

while trying to access process , getting ‘Failed to create a ‘InOutArgument’ from the text ‘’.’ Line number ‘1’ and line position ‘77’. Row: 1, Column: 77

  1. i have tried to recreating the json file for the project. still it is showing the same error.
  2. i tried to create new clone of process by removing some attributes, still issue persists.
    please advise, it is happening on community edition.

Hi @gowseshaik,

Can you click the import arguments and give us the screenshot of that?

There are some issues in the Argument for sure.

Warm Regards,
Ranjith Udayakumar

Please find the snapshot for the same.

I just ran into the exact same problem. It turns out that my .XAML file somehow managed to get corrupted. If you open your ServicesNavigation.xaml file in a text editor you will more than likely see that the first line contains a list of the import arguments. Make a backup of that xaml for safe keeping and you will have to remove the import arguments from that first line. You will see right after that first line there is already a block of import arguments.

Take a look at another workflow xaml in a text editor and you will see that there are no arguments in that first line. I was very nervous about manually editing the xaml but in my case it worked. As soon as I removed the “bad data”, I was able to run my workflow again.

Good luck!

I’ve been through this same problem, in fact, I was impressed by the mess that Studio made in my .XAML, because I did absolutely nothing more than normal. Many lines were messed up, in my case I had to undo all my work, and pull the last version I had on my GIT. I didn’t waste time fixing the file!

OH… if only I had my file checked in already… :angry: