What identification proofs are required for certification?


I have to do certification exam before 31 december.
i dont have passport or driving license but have aadhar cand and pan card.
can i give exam?
i have doubt because in below ss they have not mentioned clearly.
can u help me to know the same

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Hi @Mathkar_kunal,

Your best answer for this question would have to come from Pearson VUE. You can reach out to them at Customer service :: UiPath :: Pearson VUE to clarify. The policy clearly states it has to be a government issued ID that includes your full name, picture and signature, so as long as the documents you mention respect that, I do not see why it should be a problem to take the exam. But since we (UiPath) do not handle this part of exam taking, I cannot confirm for sure and need to refer you to Pearson VUE for clear confirmation.

You can always reach out to certification@uipath.com if you need any further help.

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Dear Mathkar,

You were required following things in Certification:

  1. Driving license or Passport ( You have to click and submit clear images of any one document).
  2. After then you have to click and submit images of your surrounding like your back, front, right,left.
  3. You have to switch on your microphone of your pc.
  4. Try to have good internet connection with battry backup , so that there is no interruption when light is off .

Hope it helps,

Sahil Garg

I dont have Driving license or Passport.
But i have aadhar card and pan card.
Pan card contains My full name,signature and photo.
Without Driving license or Passport can i able to give exam?

Hi ,

Not sure on Pan Card, but addhar card is acceptable , make sure that name should be same on their application and on your addhar card.

Ok,means it is fine if i dont have passport and driving license.

Yes, you just need one identification proof document whether it is passport or driving license you can see list of all eligible documents on the certification website also.