Étapes apres payement test certification RPA UiPath Associate

Bonsoir tout le monde, je viens de réserver la date du 15/08/2023 à 8h matin pour passer mon test RPA UiPath Associate, quant il y aura controle de la carte d’identité nationale, de ma photo, des photo de la chambre ou je vais passer le test, et s’il y a d’autres controles.

Hi @Mondher_Maaoui

Check on this for requirements



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  1. Make sure the internet connection properly.
    2.Write the exam in seperate room with lighting and don’t sit in noisy places.
    3.Between the exam don’t move the place.
    4.Government ID
    5.Exam starting before 15 min proctor will assist you to take photos of room and send it.
    6.Before 1 or 2 days of exam you receive a mail from pearson about system requirements you need to check it.
    7.Exam will be 90 min.

All the best for your exam!!

Hi @Mondher_Maaoui

=> You exam is scheduled on 8 right you have to be ready at 7’o clock.
=> You have to carry your I’d proofs like Driving license, Pan card or any I’d issued by the government.
=> start login to the portal at 7’o clock, there is a system check after that it will ask for your I’d proof photos with you, your photos you have to click with laptop cam itself.
=> Before 15 mins of exam one proctor will connect you and assist. He ask to show the ID proofs, check the room in this you have to show the whole room by laptop cam. They ask to show Table if any things in the table just remove. Just bring one water bottle only.
=> If proctor is satisfied with everything he will give the permission to start the exam.
=> If you are attending in your office premises be remove the firewalls it will effect your laptop to block some websites. Be connect with your IT team.

Note - Take the test in a silent place. No one has to be enter in to the room. You also don’t have to talk loud. Place your phone far from you and make phone do not disturb mode.

The proctor will proctor you through out the exam. If any is enter in to the cam and any disturbance they got they will stop the exam immediately. Be careful with those things.
After the exam it will show the score card immediately. Don’t move anywhere untill you submit the feedback of the exam. When the cam off then free.

If you are good in UiPath don’t panic the exam is simple for you. Be prepare and take the test in good environment.

All the best for you Exam.

Hope it helps!!

Thank you very much, Lakshman and Mahesh

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Thank you @Mondher_Maaoui

I hope you find the solution for your query. Make mark it as solution which helps to forum members.

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