Can I use PAN Card or Aadhar card as ID proof to take UiPath Certification?

I am planning to take a certification, but I don’t have Passport or driving license.
Can I take exam with PAN card or Aadhar card?
Can anyone help me to find which ID is fine to take certification?

Hello @rifnanahas,

I believe this is a question for Pearson Vue support, since the exam is done through their site.
I cannot say for 100% percent, that is OK, but I found this in Pearson Vue policy:
Primary identification in the local language (non-Roman or non-English) is an acceptable form of candidate identification for some exam sponsors for those
candidates testing in the country where the identification was originally issued.
Must be an unexpired, government-issued ID with photo and signature.
The candidate’s identification card may be in the local language only or it may be in both Roman characters and in the local language. A local language ID can
only be used in the country where the identification was originally issued and the exam is being administered.
Examples of (but not limited to):
Korea (Driver’s license/Resident card/Citizen card)
Hong Kong SAR ID
China (National ID, Military ID and Driver’s license)
India (Driver’s license, Voter’s ID card, PAN)
**Malaysia Driver’s license **
The document is this one:

I hope it helps.