Want to understand how Target.WaitForReady property exactly works


Hi guys,

As the title suggests, I really want to understand the exact mechanism of the WaitForReady property of an activity.

The following piece is quoted from the ACTIVITIES GUIDE of UiPath.

The default setting is [INTERACTIVE] as we all know and it does pretty well work with most of cases.
However in some circumstances - where certain activity gets paused for a moment although the target is obviously already ready - I had to set it with [NONE] in order to make it proceed.
In that case, I feel like I’d be better off setting [DelayBefore] with reasonable amount of seconds just in case it causes any unexpected exceptions or so.

I’ve tried all of the options to see the difference, but I still don’t understand how those options exactly work behind.

If anyone has any idea or opinion, please share with us.